Are your feet worth it?

I hate when big brands can’t control their work ethic using people as slaves to mass produce things for us consumers. But then again we want things cheap so the question is would be pay more for less suffering? In one way we all can but do we want to? Well, only you can answer that. But nothing is going to change if you stopped buying their products, it would still continue endlessly until a bigger part of the world’s population would see past their comfort and see what’s really happening in this world. I don’t judge and if I’m honest sometimes I can act very selfish but I think that’s part of our nature but we have the capacity to not necessarily change our nature but alter it somehow, we are aware of our surroundings which is one of the things that divides us from the animal kingdom. And before you say “well, they’ve already made them why not buy it?” the problem is it’ll continue if you’ll continue consuming making the companies richer, or “well, if I buy it then I’ll contribute to their salaries” no that’s not true, if you’ll pay for their products it won’t benefit the workers in any way because their wagers are already set but it’ll benefit the company, the already rich people with their already heavy pockets. It’s not just morally wrong it’s actually bordering to illegal, they are depriving them from their human rights but then again what can the UN do? Nothing, that’s the answer and somehow I feel helpless because I can’t do it on my own and even if I could how would I do it? It’s not up to me but up to all of us, if we are strong enough to overcome the temptations set before us. I mean, how many dresses do one really need? Or shoes, jackets, trousers and so on. I am a much of a coward as anyone and a selfish one too, I’ll admit it and will probably be for the rest of my life but when it comes to this I can’t live with the guilt that I’m depriving someone of their rights. It can’t continue but what can we do? It shouldn’t be as impossible as the solution to global warming. 

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