Love (poem)

Love comes with a sacrifice

Love comes with pain

For nothing lasts forever

Remember it’s just a myth

If love comes then it will surely to go

For once it comes it is destined to flow

The question is never why

The question is forever when

In time you will realize

That it will never stand still

For only death can take that away

A god given gift

So live and love

and love and let go

Do not turn back

When it’s time to show

When the darkness is closing in

Remember your time

When love was everything

And death had no meaning

Fear not what is unknown

Fear only fear itself

Remember if you’ve loved once

You are destined to love again

Love and pain

It’s such a natural procedure

But we only fear the pain

And never love

Can’t you see?

One cannot exist without the other

That love is nothing without pain

And pain is nothing without love…


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