The story of a sisterhood – Poem

From a land far, far away

In the valley of love and despair

Was the creation of Aphrodite

The goddess of beauty and love


In the midst of an apocalypse

The fated four emerged

One of fire, one of water

One of air and one of earth

Finished a creation of sisters


Created from might, magic and love

The bond of a sisterhood

The call so strong and potent

That even evil could not breech it


In the midst of all chaos

The sisters were separated

But fate would not forsake

A bond as sacred as sisterhood


Though sisters in blood they were not

They were sisters in every other sense

For deep down they knew each other

Not in blood but in love


Since then the sisters have increased

In number and in power

For whenever they needed each other

They only need to call upon another


Each and every year

A bond will yet emerge

Between the different sisters

Something to keep them here


A necklace were once the calling

Another year, an amulet

Now it can be anything

As long as it will keep them together


And this time a ring was forged

For them and their purpose only

To keep the bond stronger than ever

For once lost is lost forever


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