Are your feet worth it?

I hate when big brands can’t control their work ethic using people as slaves to mass produce things for us consumers. But then again we want things cheap so the question is would be pay more for less suffering? In one way we all can but do we want to? Well, only you can answer that. But nothing is going to change if you stopped buying their products, it would still continue endlessly until a bigger part of the world’s population would see past their comfort and see what’s really happening in this world. I don’t judge and if I’m honest sometimes I can act very selfish but I think that’s part of our nature but we have the capacity to not necessarily change our nature but alter it somehow, we are aware of our surroundings which is one of the things that divides us from the animal kingdom. And before you say “well, they’ve already made them why not buy it?” the problem is it’ll continue if you’ll continue consuming making the companies richer, or “well, if I buy it then I’ll contribute to their salaries” no that’s not true, if you’ll pay for their products it won’t benefit the workers in any way because their wagers are already set but it’ll benefit the company, the already rich people with their already heavy pockets. It’s not just morally wrong it’s actually bordering to illegal, they are depriving them from their human rights but then again what can the UN do? Nothing, that’s the answer and somehow I feel helpless because I can’t do it on my own and even if I could how would I do it? It’s not up to me but up to all of us, if we are strong enough to overcome the temptations set before us. I mean, how many dresses do one really need? Or shoes, jackets, trousers and so on. I am a much of a coward as anyone and a selfish one too, I’ll admit it and will probably be for the rest of my life but when it comes to this I can’t live with the guilt that I’m depriving someone of their rights. It can’t continue but what can we do? It shouldn’t be as impossible as the solution to global warming. 

Love (poem)

Love comes with a sacrifice

Love comes with pain

For nothing lasts forever

Remember it’s just a myth

If love comes then it will surely to go

For once it comes it is destined to flow

The question is never why

The question is forever when

In time you will realize

That it will never stand still

For only death can take that away

A god given gift

So live and love

and love and let go

Do not turn back

When it’s time to show

When the darkness is closing in

Remember your time

When love was everything

And death had no meaning

Fear not what is unknown

Fear only fear itself

Remember if you’ve loved once

You are destined to love again

Love and pain

It’s such a natural procedure

But we only fear the pain

And never love

Can’t you see?

One cannot exist without the other

That love is nothing without pain

And pain is nothing without love…

French Poem

I had this assignment in French class a while back and it was to continue on the third stanza of “Demain, dès l’aube” from Victor Hugo. However, since I’m not nearly experienced with French I made up something which may or may not fit into the poem but I liked it anyway.


Je t’aime, je t’aime

Je ne sais pas pourquoi

Tu es linconnu pour mes yeux

Mais connu pour ma coeur


This is the work of a stressful 10 minutes, with me panicking along the way for not having a sufficient enough vocabulary can you imagine the pressure? I had fun though, in any language I like to make poems and I guess it’s how I cope with languages in general. Poems is both beauty and art and it keeps my shortcomings at bay, at least the ones regarding languages. ;D

Here’s to Tomorrow

The time will pass

In fury or in hope

But pass it does

For us all


The time on earth

Might be limited

The truth is

We never know if tomorrow will ever come


Hunger, Illness, Famines and wars will come

Then starvation and deaths will arrive

Soon the fresh, clean water will end

And so it all begins again


Soon the peace will cease

And with it, a war will soon begin someday


Soon my friend

Our friendship will end

And tomorrow will just be a vain thought,

A dream, a fiction of reality


It will all end

Tomorrow my friend


The story of a sisterhood – Poem

From a land far, far away

In the valley of love and despair

Was the creation of Aphrodite

The goddess of beauty and love


In the midst of an apocalypse

The fated four emerged

One of fire, one of water

One of air and one of earth

Finished a creation of sisters


Created from might, magic and love

The bond of a sisterhood

The call so strong and potent

That even evil could not breech it


In the midst of all chaos

The sisters were separated

But fate would not forsake

A bond as sacred as sisterhood


Though sisters in blood they were not

They were sisters in every other sense

For deep down they knew each other

Not in blood but in love


Since then the sisters have increased

In number and in power

For whenever they needed each other

They only need to call upon another


Each and every year

A bond will yet emerge

Between the different sisters

Something to keep them here


A necklace were once the calling

Another year, an amulet

Now it can be anything

As long as it will keep them together


And this time a ring was forged

For them and their purpose only

To keep the bond stronger than ever

For once lost is lost forever